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The MetaPack Account Activation Process

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Efficient despatch and shopper delight is why the best retailers use MetaPack.

This process will enable you to sign up for a MetaPack account, select your price plan and gather all the information required to setup your MetaPack system.


Sign up   

Give us your details

Select your price planyou can change contract types and generate draft contracts as many times as you like to see which model fits you.


Gather Info

The carriers you use 

Tell us about your organisation

Your operations and how you pick, pack and despatch

Systems in place that may interract with MetaPack

How you want to communicate with customers and/or your warehouse

Relevant contacts in your business


You then ‘Submit’ your information to us

  • We liaise with you and verify that we can provide the services you want 
  • Only after verifying do we ask for any up-front fees due to be paid.
  • Your information is then uploaded into our systems.
  • Your MetaPack Manager system username and password (different to the MAAP login credentials) is sent to you.

Carrier Approval



Then we organise your carriers to perform their compliance procedures…

  • Whilst your carriers confirm accurate data interaction, billing is secure and parcel tracking is accurate (usually a couple of weeks), we undertake an online training session with you
  • This enables you and your staff to execute practice runs.
  • Once your carriers have given us the go-ahead, then we confirm with you when billing will start and then...                                                                

… you Go Live! 


Of course, feel free to contact us at any stage in the process for help and advice on 020 7843 6631 or email us at info@metapack.com. <More detailed help here>